Tears of a Black Womb Man

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Tears of a Black Womb Man: The Purge.  Author Mozlyric invites you to join us in celebrating the launching of her first book!

 Tears of a Black Womb Man: The Purge began as a single poem that evolved into a stream of *spoetries* out laying raw, provocative, and emotional rhymes aimed at "telling the Black story like it is". This poetic exchange is guaranteed to provoke deep thought pertaining to the historical treatment of America's original Copper Colored People as well as challenge Black Americans to think critically about community dysfunction in the context of social injustice.  It is with renewed hope, Tears of a Black Womb Man : The Purge will regenerate the spirit of promoting cultural efficacy among America's Black Aborigines while setting a new course for social activism.

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Please enjoy listening to spoetry readings performed by Mozlyric!

*spoetry~stories told in poetic form*
Tears of a Black Wombman
Never Ever, Forget

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