Tears of a Black Womb Man

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Current Issues on the Table

  • CULTURAL SUPPRESSION & RACIAL INFERIORITY~ Black's in America are often led to look across the Atlantic for cultural affirmation.  However, there is growing evidence that people termed as "African-Americans" in the United States are mostly the descendents of the Copper-Colored Races (Aboriginals) that existed in the America's before the encroachment of European colonialism.  Structural racism and classicism are a part of every social system in the United States as it is in many lands that Aboriginal People have lost basic rights and access to their own natural resources due to the spread of imperialism.  Please click below to visit and/or join us on Scholars Advancing Social Equality (S.A.S.E)  for more information.  It's time for renewed dialogue concerning the root causes of social injustice!

  • SCHOOL TO JAIL PHENOMENON~Every household would benefit from purchasing Michele Alexander's The New Jim Crow~Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness to gain a better innerstanding of the covert objectives of the systematic racialization of criminality.  School-based arrests seem to be the next frontier on the continuum of our nations expanding prison system.  As in the adult criminal justice system, minority and economically-disadvantaged youth disproportiontely experience harsher school discipline outcomes and more punitive juvenile adjucations despite the statistical fact they do not commit more severe school infractions or crimes than their counterparts.    Merging school discipline with the criminal justice system is a dangerous phenomenon.  For more information, check out the links below.  It's time to put an end to Mass Incarcertation in America!
  • WHEN THE MISSING GO MISSING~In a published article by Thomas Hargrove for the Scripps Howard News Service (2006) "The FBI, for the first time, has complied with a 1990 act of Congress by issuing a public accounting of 662,196 lost, runaway and kidnapped children reported by police to state and federal authorities last year.  Fifty-eight percent of the missing children reported to federal authorities in 2005 were girls, according to the FBI report, and 33 percent were black -- a disproportionately high percentage that surprised advocates for missing children." Please view this special dedication video in memory and honor of CT college student Alyssiah Wiley and follow the links for more information.  If we don't save our children, who will?
  • AMERICA'S HIDDEN POVERTY~ The United States is a world leader in wealth, health, and national infrastructure.  The United States is also a global lender and leader in international giving.  However, severe poverty in America receives limited media attention.  According to the No Kid Hungry organization, "16 million kids in America aren't getting the food they need".  As a first world rated country, poverty in America should not exist.  Please follow the links below and view the many "faces" of poverty in our own backyard.  The time for collective awareness and action is now!

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